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New England Chic – Megan and Tom

With the historic and charming backdrop of Storrowton Village and with mother nature on our side, Meg and Tom’s vision for the final look of their wedding was sure to be a perfect match. It was, without a doubt.

Simple shabby, clean and crisp, New England charm perfectly describe the wedding in a nutshell.

The night of the rehearsal, St. George Cathedral was abuzz with an excited couple, their proud family and supportive friends as we did a run through of the ceremony. The church was stunning in it’s color and it’s architecture.


The morning after rehearsal, set up and installation finalizes, and the results for almost a year of planning is coming to beautiful fruition at the reception venue and at the church.

Waiting with bated breath for night fall to come for the vision of the lights against the night sky proved to be worth the wait.

The wedding professionals that made this possible for Meg and Tom:

Planning & Design Consulting/Day Of Wedding Management:
Bowties and Butterflies Event Planning
Lighting: CJC Event Lighting
Tent & Rentals: Michael’s Party Rentals
Venue: Storrowton Village
Flowers: Forget Me Not Florist
Cake: Cerrato’s Bakery
DJ: White Label DJs

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