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Gothic Halloween Decor Ideas from Tanya Costigan Events

Photo Oct 17, 1 40 07 PM

I am completely and madly in love with Halloween. It is, by far, my favorite holiday. There are no obligations or financial burdens, it’s just a fun and festive holiday when you can let loose and get your creativity on!

Mass Appeal on WWLP TV is a live local show that I am on quite regularly, and on my most recent appearance, I shared some ideas for a grown up, gothic Halloween party in a red, white and black color scheme.

Here are the ideas that I shared during that segment, and you can watch the full segment at the end of the post.

Photo Oct 17, 1 40 54 PM

A different twist on the pumpkin.

Using painter’s tape, I created a striped pattern on a white pumpkin. This can be a bit tricky since the pumpkin is round, but you can touch up your stripes afterwards. The exposed areas of the pumpkins is where you would either spray paint or use a foam brush to apply a couple coats of acrylic paint. The quick dry paint I used took about an hour to dry.

Once you are satisfied with your coats of paint, remove the painters tape striping, and the white pumpkin surfaces will pop against the black stripes you just painted!

I styled the pumpkin next to a couple of pomegranates for an unexpected pairing that worked so, so well with them theme.

Photo Oct 17, 1 41 18 PM

Festively colored dessert spread.

Choose desserts that fall into your color scheme and that are festive to the season. I adorned the candy apples with a black satin bow for an added detail. The great part is that you can get super creative and funky with any dessert you want to have!

Photo Oct 17, 1 41 51 PM Photo Oct 17, 1 42 35 PM

Adding some adult gothic flair to the table.

Using some black dishes on the place setting, I added black tulle and a black satin ribbon as a napkin ring around a red linen dinner napkin. It really pops against the black plate and the black and white striped disposable table cloth. You can find black and white striped material or linen table cloths if you prefer.

In disposable clear party tumblers, the black and white striped paper straws add a fun twist!

Photo Oct 17, 1 43 03 PM

Photo Oct 17, 1 38 16 PM

Signature drink for your Boos and Booze gothic Halloween party.

There are a variety of red cocktails and mocktails that you can create for your signature drink. This one was super, super quick and easy. I found some fruit punch flavored red vodka at the local liquor store. After dipping the top rim of the glass in lime juice and then rimming that with red colored sugar, I simply poured the vodka into the chilled glass. Take a plastic drink pick and put that right through the sides of a Halloween Peeps for an over the top garnish!

Enjoy the clip (which did happen before the update in my business name, but still me nonetheless), and stay tuned to my blog and Facebook page for notification of when my upcoming segments are:

Trouble seeing the video below? No worries, click HERE to view 🙂

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