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Confetti Foundation Doughraiser – Tanya Costigan Events

Part of the fun about being a volunteer Birthday Fairy for The Confetti Foundation, is that I get to host fun little fundraising events! You all probably remember that I have an ongoing Confetti Cupcake fundraiser in partnership with Mama Cakes in Westfield MA. But, today, I teamed up with Pizzeria Uno in Springfield MA for a doughraiser!

Our fundraising team held a 50/50 raffle, handed out Confetti Kids coloring pages, stickers, with hopes that the people I reached out to printed out their vouchers and brought it with them to the restaurant throughout the day. In presenting those vouchers, Pizzeria Uno would donate 20% of the total guest bill to The Confetti Foundation!

I hope you stopped in to support the cause!

I want to thank Becky, Rachel and Ashley for helping! And Lisa, Deajah and Pat for coming to support the cause! xoxo

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