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New Year’s Eve Party Ideas – Tanya Costigan Events

If you did get a chance to catch me on WWLP Mass Appeal on New Year’s Eve, catch the clip HERE!

In the first segment, I talked about creating a “Style Your Own Midnight Toast” Champagne Bar and showed a “how-to” on creating a fabulous New Year’s Eve garland. In the last half of the show, I gave some Midnight Mocktail ideas and gave another “how-to” on creating your own party hat!

Here are the step-by-step instructions for my garland, and this is definitely something that can easily translate to any occasion, not just New Year’s. Have fun!

New Year’s Eve Garland


What you need:
20″ x 20″ or 20″ x 24″ tissue paper Scissors Tape Ribbon or cord Clock Print out

What to do:
1. Take tissue paper out of packet and unfold the width of the paper (usually folded in thirds in the package) but leave it folded in half (how it usually is already in the package).

2. Estimate what half the width is (doesn’t have to be exact) and cut it in half, creating two equal sections.


3. With the fold at the top, and open ends toward you, start cutting strips from the open end up to the fold but leaving about 2 inches at top, near fold, uncut. Width of strips are up to you, nothing has to be exact.


4. Continue cutting strips until the entire width of the tissue paper


5. Now separate the sheets from each other so that you are now working on one sheet at a time. Take one sheet and unfold it so that you have tassels on the left, tassels on the right and the fold in the center.


6. You will now grab the bottom edge of that center fold, and begin to tightly roll upward. You may need to untangling the tassels as you roll.


7. Once you have it completely rolled up so that you have tassels on either side and the center piece, you will twist the center.


8. You will use that twisted center to create your tassel’s loop. So, once it is twisted, fold the twisted section in half and twist the bottom of that twisted section twice to create your loop. Secure the loop with tape.

9. Once you have secured the loop with tape, you are ready to string your tassel! I used metallic silver, metallic gold, and white with sparkles tissue paper for my garland, and added clocks I printed on cardstock between the tassels to complete that New Year’s Eve theme!



Here is a shot of the finished garland on set during my segment…click on the image for the full video of both segments I did on the show.


Tanya Costigan Events wishes  you a truly peaceful, productive and healthy New Year! xoxo


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