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6 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Day Of Coordinator- Tanya Costigan Events

I get the question “What is it that you do exactly?” from both brides and other wedding professionals, alike. It’s not a new trade, but it seems like one that many people have not been around or have not worked with, hence the question. We are usually the first to arrive, and one of the last to leave, and we bust our fannies to make the day awesome for you. So, I’m here to tell you what it is that a “Day Of” Coordinator does.

Notice the quotes I put around “Day Of”? That’s because we do a lot more work than just the day of. It is impossible for us to just show up on your wedding day and expect to know what’s going on. I work very closely with you, and your chosen wedding professionals, for the month leading up to the wedding, and I also participate in the rehearsal run-through. That is a perfect time for everyone to become familiar with me, and vice versa, since I’ll be there helping the next day at the wedding. I create a clean and detailed master timeline that makes the wedding day smooth like butter. 🙂 I also handle set up and managing the wedding day events.

Here are my top 6 reasons why you should hire a “Day Of” Coordinator:

Why Do I Need a “Day Of” Coordinator?

  1. You have spent just about a year planning this ONE day….

Does it make sense to cross your fingers and hope for the best, at this point, that it all goes well? It probably makes more sense to have a professional in your corner. I will get to know you and listen to you and keep detailed notes about everything. I will know how you want things in great detail. I will be the person you can trust to set up and to orchestrate things.

  1. Your bridesmaids and the mothers will L-O-V-E that you hire me!

This takes a huge load of pressure off of them and allows them to enjoy their role, to have time to get ready, and to enjoy every moment. They don’t want to be hiking up 10 foot ladders to string bistro lights over your dance floor, or to unfold 150 chairs and 15 tables to set the floor plan. They want to dance under those lights with you and sit in those chairs and enjoy every moment of a special day that will be over before you know it.

  1. I will be the one to field questions all day and night.

Trust me, there are lots of questions that vendors will have throughout the entire day. If I’m not there, this means you or your parents will be constantly interrupted and pulled aside from the festivities. Since I will have worked with you so much in the month leading up to the wedding day, and will have an arsenal of details in my possession (you’ll rarely see me without my binder within 3 feet of my reach…) This means I’ll be able to answer anything they need to know or to confirm.

  1. Things will go wrong.

I’m really not trying to scare you when I say that, but things often go wrong. I handle these discreetly and quickly, and get them resolved before anyone knows the wiser. Here are just a few of my experiences with some of my clients’ weddings:

*Bridesmaid’s shawl left in the taxi that just left, and right before the ceremony.
*A DIY cake gone lopsided on the wedding day
*Frozen, dead, brown flowers an hour before the ceremony
*Bridesmaid never picked up her dress from the bridal shop (that is closed because this is a Sunday wedding)

  1. Keeping things on time. Is this really a big deal?

While keeping to a timeline may seem minute, it can actually hinder a couple of things majorly. I create a clean and detailed master timeline that is a combination of my timeline, the DJ’s timeline and the photographer’s timeline for that reason.

  1. Food service is something that is hugely relying on being prompt. We all know food is expensive and is something guests will remember. You will want your food served hot and served timely. You and your guests will be hungry by the time the reception happens.
  2. Lots of (if not all of) your chosen professionals are being paid for a certain block of time. You won’t want your photographers leaving before all of the night’s special dances and events happen because the DJ seems to work on his own timing. (Yes, this is something I have dealt with.) You’ll end up paying overtime for vendors if things run late.

6. My assistant and I will tend to everyone, including your guests, so everyone is calm and properly cared for. I am so utterly, completely smitten, in-love with what I get to do. I will care for your wedding as you would. 

I promise. xoxo

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