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Alice In Wonderland Invitation Boxes

I love Alice in Wonderland…and I love VINTAGE Alice in Wonderland even more! I’m really excited to share this post on how to create really cool boxed invitations in classic Alice style.

What you’ll need:

Invitation Boxes – I used #75 7-3/8 X 5-1/2 X 1 Natural Jewelry Box from PaperMart
Colored Crepe Paper – I used 19″ X 250Cm (8.2Ft) Moss Premium Crepe Paper, Paper Mart
Pretty Mailing Tape
Chocolates or other goodies to make the invite even better
Embellishments – I used white vintage looking keys and pocketwatches
Etsy files such as the ones I used from Etsy shops:

Photo Feb 07, 11 44 10 AM

Step 1 – Cut the moss crepe paper to size of your invitation box

I took the cotton square insert out of the invitation box and used that to cut out rectangles of the moss colored paper so it would fit nicely inside the box. I placed that moss colored crepe paper rectangle on top of the cotton insert. The cotton insert was a great way to keep the contents of the box from rattling around when being shipped. The boxes come with the cotton inserts when you order them.

Step 2 – Print out your Etsy files on card stock and cut them out.

I used natural colored card stock that I found at a local office supply store. I cut them out after printing. I used a cool Alice postcard file, even cooler Alice playing cards file and pretty little Alice tags.

Once I cut the post cards out, I filled out party information on the back of them in pretty ink. After cutting out the playing cards, I just stacked several of them together and tied with twine for effect. The tags were used with one of the embellishments in the next step…

Step 3 – Add embellishments

I used the tags above to attach a pretty vintage looking key. I attached a faux pocketwatch embellishment to the stack of cards by using twine.

Photo Feb 06, 12 31 45 PM

Add a few chocolates….and voila!!!!

Photo Feb 10, 5 40 13 PM
photo by Alisonmarie Photography
Photo Feb 11, 2 12 47 PM
photo by Alisonmarie Photography

Now, just seal up the box with some pretty packing tape and ship off. How lucky is the recepient!?

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