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Wedding Color Inspiration

Today’s post is all about color inspiration. Maybe you haven’t decided on colors to incorporate…or maybe you have chosen colors, but don’t know how to incorporate them.

The tablescapes are a huge part of your decor, so incorporating specialty linens, colorful florals and other details, like favors, build the “feel” of your wedding atmosphere.

A little lost on where to start? Pantone sells amazing color swatch cards (usually also used in bridal attire materials). You can purchase your own, or you can sit with me and use mine to do a wedding design brainstorm session!

Be inspired from these color options from client weddings or styled shoots I have done.

Lush Berry Tones

Clean and Crisp Greens and White

Photo Mar 14, 10 43 43 AM


Warm Honey Tones

Photo Mar 14, 11 01 50 AM


New England Autumn Tones

Photo Mar 14, 10 49 18 AM


Edgy and Vibrant Contrasting Tones

Photo Mar 14, 10 46 40 AM


Natural Pastel Tones

Photo Mar 14, 10 42 00 AM


Rich Greens, Purple and Gold Tones

Photo Mar 14, 11 09 38 AM


Whimsical Woodland Tones

Photo Mar 14, 11 04 28 AM


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