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How Do I Change My Name in Massachusetts After I Get Married?

For those of you who will be opting to change your last name, either altogether, or by hyphenating it, here is what you need to know. If you are changing your name after marriage in Massachusetts, here is what you do:

  1. Be sure your officiant gets the marriage license from you on rehearsal day, or wedding day.
  2. Officiant mails that marriage license (that they will sign…you don’t need to sign it.) with appropriate supporting documents (if needed), to the City/Town Hall where you originally applied for the license. This should be done the first Monday following the wedding day. If a friend or family member is acting as a one day officiant, they will need to send in their sealed certificate that they got from the State of Massachusetts with the marriage certificate to City/Town Hall.
  3. Marriage license will be ready within 7 business days of City/Town Hall receiving the papers by mail.
  4. You pick up the certified copy of the marriage certificate from City/Town Hall. You may want to pick up two copies, just in case. There is a fee for the certificate.
  5. Print out the application to correct the name on your social security card from SSA.
  6. Bring or mail: original certified copy of your marriage certificate, your driver’s license (please note that if you are mailing this, Social Security expects you to mail the original…not a copy of the driver’s license) and the printed social security application filled out to correct your name.
  7. Once that is done, go to the RMV, and press the button on the check in station for license transaction. You will not need to bring any proof that it was updated at Social Security because they can verify that electronically.
  8. The RMV will expect you to pay for the new, updated license with the name change.


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