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What Should I Tip My Wedding Vendors?

Tipping is the one question I get a lot. It seems like there are so many sources that give all different advice when it comes to gratuities.
Today, I share with you etiquette for gratuities:
Bartenders: If the gratuity is not already figured into your venue/catering pricing, 10% of the total liquor bill is appropriate to be split among all of the bartenders.
Restroom Attendants: $1-2 Per Guest
Coat Check Attendants: $1-2 Per Guest
Catering Manager/Chef: If not already included in catering fee, $100-200 is appropriate.
DJ: 15-20% of their fee
Hair Stylist: 15-20%
Hotel Maids: $2-5 per room or $10-15 if you used a suite as your dressing room
Limo/bus drivers: 15-20%
Makeup Artist: 15-20%
Musicians: 15-20 % for ceremony musicians or $25-50 per reception musician
Photographer/cinematographer: $50-100 per photographer/videographer
Valet/parking attendants: $1-2 per car or 15% for valet
Venue: If you are using a church or non-profit venue, it is proper etiquette to make a donation or offering to that type of venue. Minimum $100.
Waitstaff: If gratuity is not included in the catering fee, 18% or $25-50+ per waitstaff
Wedding Planner/Coordinator: 15-20%
Hope this is helpful!

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