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How to Properly Power a Tent Wedding

Tanya Costigan Events has quite a niche in tent weddings, and I have lots to share with you about how to properly power a tent wedding to avoid outages.

When considering a tent wedding, you need to be sure you are thinking of every little thing that requires power, and how many amps each of those things will take.

Wowzers, look at this! I’m going to tell you all of things that will require power at your tent wedding 🙂

  1. Lights
    A. String lights per strand – 2-3 amps per strand
    B. Canister/Up Lights – 5 amps per unit
    C. Tent Chandeliers – 4 -5 amps per unit
    D. Dance lighting – 2 amps (LED) or 10 amps (non-LED)
  2. Catering equipment
    A. Coffee Urns – 10 amps per unit
    B. Stoves/Ovens – 12 – 20 amps per unit
    C. Food warmers – 10 amps per unit
  3. DJ vs. Band
    A. DJ – Sound system 10 amps or less
    B. Band – 50-60 amps roughly
  4. Fans/AC
    A. Fans – 5 amps per unit
    B. Air Conditioning – 15 amps per unit
  5. Heaters
    A. Electric patio heaters – 2000 watts runs on about 17 amps per unit
    B. Propane patio heaters – Not usually used under an enclosed tent because of fumes
    B. Box heaters – 7 – 12 amps per unit (for ignition/fan – runs on propane and sits outside the tent and is blown in through a duct like tube)

As a point of reference, a typical house runs on 100 – 200 amps.

I would like to thank, and highly recommend, Blue Spotlight Project for their input on this blog post. I have worked with them in the past, and they have high quality equipment and outstanding, above and beyond service when it comes to equipment to power, illuminate and bring sound to your tent wedding!

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