I am a wedding planner, and this is why I charge what I charge…

As a small business owner, in the wedding industry, I’m often pondering my rates..are they too high…are they too low? I often ponder this because I get lots of haggling and a lot of people who don’t understand the value of a wedding planner…or at least a ‘day of’ manager…and usually only do after the wedding day is done and they are thanking me in relief and expressing that they don’t know what they would have done without my help and care.

So..with that said, I have decided to express to you…why, as a wedding planner, I charge what I charge…for your sake and mine. 🙂

  1. My calendar is chock full of educational opportunities I will attend so I can be at the best I can be for you.
  2. My calendar is also full of appointments I have with new and existing venues and with other pros in the industry…so I can build relationships and connections with these people and places for you.
  3. My creative mind is always thinking of exciting things to bring to the area for you. For example….Whim Wedding Collective…gorgeous weekday wedding options at the affordable price of $6500 – $8000.
  4. I host several free workshops throughout the year for you. I invest a lot of time and money for materials and teaching you tips and hands on fun. This is because I want you to enjoy the process of being a bride!
  5. I have assistants to pay because a wedding day certainly doesn’t run with me, alone. We want to always have ample coverage for you.
  6. I have a pretty office space rent to pay. My office is a pretty place to meet rather than some noisy coffee shop. I have linen samples, invitations samples, rentals and things of the like for you.
  7. To make your time with me enjoyable, I send fun little gifts throughout the year to you.
  8. I work really hard (spending lots of time) at designing and updating my websites, and I have lots of tools and advertising to pay for (so you can find me 🙂 and those tools are things like Aisle Planner…which gives me an organized, creative way to interact with you.
  9. I will spend lots and lots of time staying on top of and confirming details and keeping them organized. I will spend lots and lots of time and effort caring for your wedding the way you would want it to be cared for. On your wedding day, I will be the first to arrive and almost the last one to leave. It can be a 10-12 hour day. I give my all to you.
  10.  Because I truly love what I do. It’s not a sales pitch. I love the industry, I love my clients…so much so that I get teary eyes and chills when you walk up the aisle. I love transforming the space for you.

So, while I am not a $500 planner, I do believe in my value and am confident you will feel that value and care.

Hey, you know what? Thanks for your time spent in reading this. Hopefully it gave insight and hopefully you’ll consider Tanya Costigan Events to care for your wedding at the level that I do.



P.S. This is a great follow up to another blog post I have done … check it out.

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