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Wedding Party Roles, Redefined


HEY…guess what? Everything you thought you knew about the wedding party roles was wrong.

I find that clients are often confused about whether it’s “okay” to have a male on the bride’s side of the party…or if there are two brides, that one side of the party doesn’t have be called groomsmen…unless you want them to be 🙂

Here’s the thing: your wedding party should consist of people that mean something to you in ways that make you want to give them the honor of being in your wedding party.

You want your dad to be your Best Man or Man of Honor? Great! Do it!
You want your dog to be a bridesmaid…awesome!
You want both sides of the party to be bridesmaids because you’re both brides? Yes!
You want your sister to be your “best man”? Rock on!

Example: Couple getting married is Mark and Alex…call the party Team Mark and Team Alex.

When we are constantly flooded with terminology that doesn’t fit, it can make things kind of wonky.

Here is my advice: Refer to your wedding party how you want them to be referred to, and let your chosen wedding pros know their roles. You can each refer to your own party as simply “my wedding party, her wedding party” or using terms like bridesman, groomsperson, groomswoman…or if you like the bridesmaid/groomsman thing, then that’s okay, too.

Shake it up and make it your own. Break free from traditional terminology.



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