My Intrigued Experience – Tanya Costigan Events

If you haven’t seen my giddy posting on Facebook and Instagram from my
Intrigued Experience…experience…then let me  fully clue you in here in this blog post 🙂

Intrigued Experience is a 3 day hands-on conference of all things wedding flowers, with some clever all-over wedding business tidbits tucked in. It’s held in Maryland and is the brain child of Sarah Campbell-Angers from Intrigue Design & Decor. IT WAS AMAZING!

Let’s back track for just a minute, because I…am…terrified…of…flying. Hate it. Anxiety. Motion sickness…the whole ball of wax. I had paid for my conference fee, but procrastinated forever about booking the plane ticket…because that made it way to real and scary. WHY AM I TELLING YOU THIS? Because….if I can fly….ANYONE can. This conference was worth every minute of all my roller coaster of feelings.
So go! Attend Intrigued! 

I did it…it was amazing…it affected me on so many levels.
Some of which I can convey in this post and some that are so
deep and personal that I just cannot.

And, let me just clarify: I had absolutely NO floral styling experience when I attended.

So, take a pretty break and let me take you through my journey.


IntriguedExperience (127 of 149)

Sarah Campbell, the founder of The Intrigued Experience, is fun and creative and certainly put on one heck of a conference. Every minute of the conference was thoughtfully laid out and organized.

Sarah was present and attentive through every segment of every day, and is quite witty and kept the fun energy going.

You can certainly feel her passion when she gushes over the conference, and it certainly made my Intrigued Experience an amazing one. I consider her a friend, now. xoxo

Day 1

When I arrived at the Baltimore airport (BWI), after a not-so-pretty-chock-full-of-anxiety-and-motion-sickness airplane ride….I was RELIEVED that I had booked a car service through ZBest Worldwide…because they made me feel so much better about traveling alone. They were always confirming (a wedding planner’s dream) and texted me that they were at the airport waiting for me. The driver was holding an iPad, with my name on the screen, so they were easy to find. Really professional and comforting to this girl, who was traveling alone.

Arrival at the hotel was swoon-worthy to say the least. The Inn at Chesapeake Bay Beach Club on Kent Island is beautiful. Their restaurants are amazing, the rooms are beautiful, they not only clean your room in the morning, but turn down your bed and leave yummy banana muffins for you in the evening!

Registration time gave all of the attendees (like me!) a chance to see each other for the first time, after a full year of interacting on the Intrigued Experience 2017 group page on Facebook.

As for the swag? Wowzers. We got this beautiful tote, which would be our partner-in-crime for the entire duration. It was chock full of goodies like Chrysal spray, clippers in a pretty leather wrap pouch, snacks, an Intrigued apron, a pretty blue pashmina, an itinerary for the conference and more.

On Day 1, we were greeted by beautiful arrangements and great speakers who kicked off a seriously amazing conference.

Day 2

After a casual breakfast in the ballroom, a segment of inspirational, creative, business-savvy speakers spoke to us about trends and design.Then…it was off to do some hands on workshops! Yay!

Workshop 1, for me, was learning to create tall elegant centerpieces with roses and hydrangea with Posh Peony as an instructor.

Photo Feb 27, 11 24 47 AM

Workshop 2 was about creating a modern piece to get us thinking outside the box. Hothouse Designs was the instructor.

I am not pretending…by any means…that mine came out at all like an arrangement…
at all…LOL!

Photo Feb 27, 12 15 00 PM

Then, it was off to a fabulous lunch with some more business savvy speakers:

Details Flowers talked about organizing work flow, and also offers online software for this.

Posh PR has a social media panel Q&A with Silk & Willow, Magnolia Rouge and Claire Duran Events.

IntriguedExperience3 (9 of 58)

Workshop 3 was how to best use your own phone for capturing your work. Liz Fogarty Photography and Valley & Co teamed up to instruct this session.

Photo Feb 27, 3 36 40 PMPhoto Feb 27, 3 37 51 PMPhoto Feb 27, 3 33 09 PMPhoto Feb 27, 3 32 28 PM

IntriguedExperience (145 of 149)

Workshop 4 was floral costuming with Mt. Lebanon.

IntriguedExperience (97 of 149)

IntriguedExperience (117 of 149)

Dinner was amazing, and at each attendee table was at least one speaker or instructor from the day’s events. This was an amazing opportunity to connect and ask questions on a more intimate level.

Our tall centerpieces we made earlier that day, were used as the centerpieces for the dinner tables, set on top of beautiful BBJ Linens. Tables were set with dishware from White Glove Rentals, and with a place card and menu handcrafted by Momental.

IntriguedExperience3 (46 of 58)

Day 3

Another yummy breakfast, followed by more amazing speakers. And we even danced!

Day3 (18 of 121)

Workshop 1 was creating a tropical arrangement, copying the instructors design. The instructor was Beth O’Reily from AIFD.

Here’s mine!

Photo Feb 28, 11 04 03 AM
IntriguedExperience (109 of 149)

Workshop 2 was creating an organic trellis using various greens. The instructor was Nicole from Soil & Stem.

Another fabulous lunch with amazing speakers.

Posh Floral talked about fashion styling and how to dress for set up that easily can be adjusted for a lunch meeting after.

Momental talked about keeping a balance of home life and work life.

Photo Feb 28, 2 58 43 PM

Elly B Events talked about her book.

Workshop 3 was creating a loosely gathered bouquet. Ponderosa & Thyme was our instructor.

We were lucky to have Intrigued Experience put together a styled shoot to photograph each and every one of our bouquets from this workshop!

Here’s mine!

0228-Chesapeake Bay Beach Club-Manda Weaver-Maryland-Wedding-Photo-256

Workshop 4 was creating a driftwood piece. Francois Weeks was our instructor.

IntriguedExperience (108 of 149)

Here’s mine!

Photo Feb 28, 4 56 59 PM

Dinner was chock full of comfort food like a mashed potato bar, quesadilla station, mac & cheese bar and slider bar.

Throughout our time at Intrigued, we saw some amazing furniture rentals from White Glove Rentals…

The Sponsors

Accent Decor
Mayesh Wholesale
White Glove Rentals
BBJ Linen

Paperless Post
Claire Duran Events
Schoefer Wholesale
AKP Retreat
Fitz Design
Green Point Nurseries
Potomac Floral

Photographers to note:

Manda Weaver Photography
Liz Fogarty Photography

(Some of the images on this blog post are my own iPhone pics.)


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