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Last Minute Holiday Decorating Ideas – Tanya Costigan Events

Maybe you’ve been super busy, maybe you’re having last minute holiday guests or maybe you’ve been a Grinch and all of sudden your heart has grown three sizes as the holidays approach. Have no fear! I have some last minute ideas for prepping your house quickly for the holidays.

Today, I was on WWLP TV’s Mass Appeal to chat about all things last minute decorating.
Here is the clip…and just below that I go in detail about each idea…

See the clip here!

IDEA #1: Dressing up an every day lantern

  1. Gather a lantern you may have around the house or buy one from a local craft or home decor store.
  2. If desired, add some cotton to simulate fake snow/wintery effect.
  3. In my sample below, I added a glass bird ornament and twinkle lights.
  4. Cut fresh greens or buy artificial greens and secure them to the lantern in the desired spot. Use floral wire or zip ties to secure. Add pine cones or other elements if you would like.
  5. Make or buy a ribbon bow and add it to the top or desired area.

As you can see on the silver lantern, even just adding a ribbon makes it festive!


IDEA #2: Wintery Terrarium

  1. Use a glass container you have, or purchase one at a home decor store.
  2. Add some cotton to create a wintery base.
  3. Go to the area of the store that sells doll house furniture and browse for what you like! I grabbed the miniature pine trees. I found the deer in the toy section. Pick unique things to really set the scene!

I also placed LED lights throughout the cotton to give a winter glow.


IDEA #3: Adding floral pics and embellishments around the house

  1. Gather some jars or vases you have around the house.
  2. Buy some floral picks at a local craft store. (Pssst, if you get them the week before Christmas, they are typically on sale!)
  3. Create little vignettes around your house on counter tops, bathroom shelving, etc.

HINT: Don’t think everything has to be the standard holiday colors. Get creative!

NOTE: If you have LED pillar candles around the house, get some ribbon and wrap it around that candle. Secure the ribbon with a straight pin. You can even add a cinnamon stick or sprig of Rosemary to the front with twine or additional ribbon.


IDEA #4: Ramping up the wrapping!

  1. Wrap the gift with the wrapping paper of choice.
  2. Buy some ribbons at the store…using ribbon with some structure is easiest.
  3. Add embellishments like you see here by secure them to the ribbon before making your bow loops.


IDEA #5: Farmhouse holiday touches

  1. Grab an old window from a flea market (or you can do this on your own windows inside the house.)
  2. Find a stick out in the yard and cut to the appropriate length you want.
  3. Use twine or ribbon to hang it from either window type. I used tacks on the back of this window to secure the twine. If using your own windows inside the house, you can either use a suspension rod or close the ribbon or twine in the upper part of the window.
  4. Grab some ornaments you aren’t using, or even get some hanging frames with photos of loved ones, and tie them to the branch with twine or ribbon.

Easily add base feet to make this free standing, or you can even set this on top of a side buffet table and lean it on the wall.

NOTE: Get some battery operated twinkle lights to add some holiday glow!


….and grab an old crate you may have come across from a flea market and put fresh cut greens or artificial greens in it. Leave it on the porch near your front door on an old chair or bring it inside to create some nice indoor decor moments.


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