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COVID-19: Your Wedding & Your Hired Vendors

First and foremost, I hope this blog post finds you and yours healthy and safe.

You have an upcoming wedding or event planned and you must be feeling confused with the opinions, information (and misinformation) that seems to be flooding in from all directions. What does this State of Emergency mean for the wedding you have invested so much money, time and thought into?

You must be wondering … what are my wedding vendors thinking and doing right now? You are looking for guidance and insight.

As a wedding planner, I had refrained from addressing too much about COVID-19 until enough time passed to assess things. Since it’s still not quite wedding season where I am in the Northeast, I wanted to give it a week or two before coming forward with information and guidance.

If you are getting married in Massachusetts,
here is what you need to know:

•Effective 3/10/2020, there is a 30-day restriction on mass gatherings of any kind, per the State of Emergency declared by the Governor. There is a high potential that could be extended. The CDC states 60 days in their advisory statement.

This means if your wedding is in April 2020 (and likely May), you’ll need to reschedule. If your wedding is May or after, you can either wait until the wedding date gets closer to assess what’s going on at that point…or you can be proactive if you prefer…or are hearing concerns from invited guests.

•Venues, along with the rest of us, need to adhere to the above and to any future instruction by the federal, state and local governments.

So, now what?

  1. You (or your planner) should reach out to the venue asap about rescheduling your date (asking the venue to give 2 or 3 dates available). The sooner you do this, the more dates you’ll have to choose from. Remember that other couples will be doing the same. Because of the uncertainty of what the rest of 2020 looks like with restrictions in the coming months, you may want to plan to aim for very late 2020 or aim for 2021.
    **If this is a tent wedding, the rental company is who you should reach out to.
  2. Once you have 2 or 3 dates from your venue (or rental company), ask them if they will be tentatively holding the dates while you consult your other vendors…or if they will contact you if someone else inquires about the dates…or if they will just book on a first come, first served basis. This is important to know!
  3. Create an online poll through Doodle and invite all of your vendors to take the poll. This will help you to know which date(s) are ideal so you can keep your dream team of vendors!
  4. If there are no dates that work for all vendors, reach out to the vendors that cannot accommodate the dates and ask if they have an assistant or colleague that is able to fill in for them. Most vendors have a back-up plan and will likely offer that up anyway.
  5. Ask each vendor if the monies paid will follow to the new date.
  6. Sign a rescheduling contract with every vendor.
  7. Update your wedding website and share the site on your social media pages or reach out to your guest list for them to keep up-to-date by visiting the website.
    It’s okay to keep things light and pretty to lift spirits and to give everyone something to look forward when we get through this!
  8. Reach out to the company you got your wedding insurance through now that the date has changed. You’ll want to know if you’ll need to get an entirely new policy, whether the premium can be transferred to that, or if the current policy can be adjusted to the knew date. As a note, some insurance companies have put a freeze on doing anything with certain types of insurance…so if this isn’t something you can do now, set a reminder in your calendar to check back with them at a later point. Here is a statement from the WedSafe website:
    Due to the quickly changing circumstances surrounding COVID-19 and potential denial of claims, we are unable to offer event cancellation coverage during the ongoing crisis.  Please continue to check back with us for event cancellation coverage when government restrictions on gatherings have been lifted. 
    For additional information, please visit our Coronavirus resource page.


As your wedding professionals, we love our small businesses, we love what we do and we love our clients! Truly! We are here for you and will work with you to reschedule your day, as needed. We promise the day will be gorgeous and fun and worth any wait that may ensue. XOXO


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