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Tanglewood Wedding – Tanya Costigan Events

It has secretly been a goal of mine to have a client get married at Tanglewood. It is so iconic…a Berkshires familiar…and I was sooooo excited when Brad and Sarah hired me on to manage and care for their welcome party and wedding!

The bride’s mom had a clear vision with her design with the blessing and input from the couple…of course…and it was TRULY spectacular. SWOON.

The wedding pros involved were:

Photography: Amber Bauhoff Photography
Venue: Tanglewood
Lighting: Bearfly Lighting & Designs
Catering: Boston Gourmet Caterers
Band: Silver Arrow Band
Bagpipes: Irish Bagpiper
Flowers: Tiny Hearts Farm
Beauty: Danielle Pierce Beauty
Donuts: Taft Farm
Transportation: DuFour Transportation
Management & Coordination: Tanya Costigan Events

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