Simply Pretty Gatherings – Tanya Costigan Events & Marx Entertainment

Simply Pretty Gatherings Brochure

Introducing a Tanya Costigan Events & MARX entertainment collaborative…

Simply Pretty Gatherings

This concept offers couples simple, pretty, back-to-basics wedding celebration packages.
Wouldn’t it feel good to simply celebrate? To take the pressure off and just enjoy?
MARX entertainment and Tanya Costigan Events have partnered up for the greater good of overwhelmed couples everywhere!

Whether you are having a backyard wedding or are using a venue, we will put together your dream-team of vendors from our Simply Awesome List. We have every vendor from every category on our list! Easy-peasy. If you need a venue, we’ll match you up with one!

These packages are a one-stop-shop. So simple, right?

All of these packages are available now, and can be used year-round for ANY indoor venues, outdoor venues, or tent weddings.

Let’s take a breather and get your wedding planned!

How it works:

  • Choose a venue or decide on a tented backyard wedding
  • Choose which Simple Package and any add-ons that appeal to you
  • Tanya Costigan Events & MARX entertainment guide you through
    the planning process
  • Tanya Costigan Events works with you for design and vibe of the day
  • We bring the entire dream-team of vendors from our Simply Awesome List
  • We execute the day effortlessly
  • You all enjoy!

Check out pricing and package details at www.simplyprettygatherings.com